Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogging For Writers - Three Blogging Tips To Boost Your Writing Career

A blog gives you a way to communicate instantly, across the world, with words, audio, images and video... blogging is a writer's nirvana. Did you know that according to Technorati, a leading blog tracking site, over 175,000 new blogs are created every single day?

If you're not yet a part of this amazing 21st century renaissance, you should be. As a writer, you're a communicator, and blogs are the most powerful way to boost your writing career.

Let's look at three blogging tips to boost your writing career.

One: Got A Project? Create A Blog - Get Editors To Contact You

When it comes to their careers, many writers are still in the days of the goose quill. They're traditionalists. They believe that the "right" way to send a query letter to a magazine or a publisher is via snail mail, or perhaps via email, IF the magazine or publishing house says it's OK.

It's not surprising that most professional writers earn less than $5000 a year.

Since your snail mail letter will be instantly buried under a mass of paper on an editor's desk, and spam filters will block your email, consider a blog to attract editors to contact you.

Two: Create A Resume Blog - Get Known

Who are you? You know your own name, and so do a select circle of other writers and editors with whom you've worked. Blogs are dynamic media. Your blog can act as a constantly-updated resume. Combine blogging with activity on various social networks like MySpace, and suddenly thousands of people know you, and what you can do.

Your resume blog is a shortcut to a high-powered writing career.

Three: Create A Network Blog And Become Part Of The In-Group

As a writer, you need a network. The easiest way to build an ever-growing network is to blog about writing. As you blog your writing tips, you'll make friends with other writers and will become part of their network. Suddenly you're part of an "in" group of publishing professionals.

It's hard work writing alone - build your writing network, and watch your career take off.

So there you have it - three blogging tips to boost your writing career. A blog is a powerful tool, and you can create many blogs to promote your career and improve your writer's income. Create a blog today.

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