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How To Write A College Essay That Guarantees Admission Into Your College Of Dreams?

College Essay Each one of you who is reading this essay might be planning either for near future or after some years to join a big and standard college like Harvard or Yale. To think and aim high is very good, but only aims will not get you any where. To get admission into your dream college you need some pretty effective techniques to impress the admission committee and convince them that you are the ideal candidate for their college or university.

One of the main and important requisites for admission into your college of dreams is a college essay. In this article, we are going to tell you how to write a college essay that will guarantee admission into your dream college. Remember, your college essay for admission does not have to be just great! It has to be incredible and unbelievable to convince the admission committee that you are the person they have been looking for!

Some of the important features that your college essay must consist of:

  • It has to be out of this world as no ordinary essay will do
  • It has to be gripping. You cannot afford a boring essay
  • It has to win over the admission officer. It cannot be a mediocre essay
The main thing to focus is content in order to make your essay more effective and powerful. We conducted numerous researches to get the most relevant answer to the questions as to how to write a college essay that guarantees admission in your college of dreams. To get the correct answer we approached the source that is the college admission officers about what are those things which make a college admission essay great. Some of the important things to remember while writing a college essay are:
  • When writing your college essay, stick to what you know. It is better to write about what you are familiar with rather than writing just for the sake for writing and filling up the paper. This will not only bore the admission officer but also put him off.
  • Direct your essay towards a wide audience. Don't think that your admission officer is old and out of date and will not be able to understand what you are saying. Your admission officer can be of any age.
  • While writing a college essay, show your humorous side as well. Admission officers also possess a sense of humor and it will make your essay easy to read and understand.
  • Always be honest when writing a college essay about yourself. You do not have to make stories or write half truths and lies to impress your admission officer. As said 'honesty is the best policy', lying once may cause you further problems in your admission.
  • Use your own words and simple language to express yourself. Using big and sophisticated words will not get you any where. In some cases, you may lose the hang of what you want to say and your essay may only become a jargon of big and elaborate words which do not make any sense to the reader.
  • Make sure you use the correct grammar. If you do not possess good grammar skills, ask some one with good grammar to edit or read your work before sending it with the application.
  • The greatness of your essay does not count until and unless it is read. To make your essay more clear and readable, either type or write your essay in a neat and comprehendible manner.
  • Write the essay following a format. Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. In between, write whatever you think is necessary and will help you in securing the admission. In writing your college essay, more than the number of words, the quality of the words is important. Make sure that you cover all the important aspects on which you were asked to write.
  • Have someone else to read your essay. This will give you a second perspective on your essay and they may be able to point out some mistakes, make corrections and advise you on some points.
In some cases, it happens that you are required to write college essay not once but twice. Once for the admission committee and other for the department in which you apply for admission. In this case, the kind of essay needed might be different. You may be given a set of questions and asked to base your essay on those questions. This will make writing your college essay easy and quick. Some of the important things to be mentioned in your college essay when applying to your dream college are: Mentioning Your Career Plans Many of the colleges want to know about your career plans and what you plan to do after obtaining your degree from that particular college. Your future career plans reflect the kind of education they provide so they want to make sure that you are the ideal student for their college. Some of the most common queries include:
  • What do you plan to do after acquiring your degree?
  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  • How will admission in our college help you in your career?
Academic Interests Before giving you admission in to their college, the admission committee will want to know your academic interests. They will want to know what subject you like, why you like it and what you would like to study, and how that will affect your career plans. They will also want to know your scores and grades in your previous examinations to determine your extend of interest and capacity in that subject. Research Abilities and Background Some programs are research based and research is compulsory for the degree. The admission committee and the department might want to know about your previous research experience, about your capabilities to carry out research work and also in which department would you like to conduct research. This will help them in determining your prowess in a research department.

Practical Experience In some colleges, practical and field experiences count a lot. Departments such as psychology or social work require clinical and practical experience. So if you have any such experience, mention it in detail so that it becomes easy for the admission committee to decide in your favor. List your experiences and explain how you dealt with them.

Personal Bio-data In your college essay, also mention about yourself and your life. The admission officer will want to know about your opinions, your past personal experiences of school life which count and which are going to help you in your further studies.

Personal experience and You should also mention your personal experiences and opinions in your college essay. It may include your life and school details. You may also need to mention how you came upon the decision to seek admission in that particular college. It may include your approach to life, how you come across this philosophy and how do you see yourself.

Academic rewards In your college essay, also mention your academic achievements and rewards. This will cast a good impression on the admission officer and the rewards won will make a significant impact. All the colleges want the best students in their faculty. Your rewards and achievements will affect their decision to admit you in the college.

Before you start actually writing, make a list of these points and go step by step when writing. This will add coherence to your essay as well as make it more readable.

Following these above mentioned tips does not guarantee admission to your dream college. On the other hand, it may make all the difference needed to convince the admission officer of your capabilities and secure you an admission. It may make your college essay the one that they one looking for and thus, make your life!


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