Friday, April 13, 2007

Article Marketing - Why Article Marketing is my #1 Choice of Traffic II

So in Part I I began to cover the difference in volume that I would be willing to trade to have article traffic over search engine traffic. Basically I would take 100 article generated visitors daily over 1000 search engine visits. Now I used search engine traffic as my example because a lot of people think that search engine traffic is really good – actually in my opinion, search engine traffic is 20 times – that's right – 20 times less effective than article traffic.

I know that might seem crazy to you because you have seen so many sales pitches for search engine traffic programs – but do the testing, yourself, and see what happens. Oh!, and by the way, I have tested probably 30 different sources of traffic and article marketing comes up #1 – go figure. So that is why I prefer article marketing traffic, that is why I would take 100 daily article marketing visitors over 1000 search engine visitors.

But that only tells you that I have done the research and those are my results. But what I haven't told you is why it is that way.

So why do I think that article marketing is so much more effective than just about any other source of traffic out there?

Think about this. Article marketing traffic is prescreened. What that means is that if someone reads one of my articles and clicks through to my site, they already like me. They want what I have. They are hoping to get more of what they read in my article, at my web site.

The only catch is with me, you cannot get it from my web site – you can only get it from my email list. But that is another topic all together.


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