Thursday, April 12, 2007

Proofreading Your Writing

How many times have you been completely positive there were no mistakes in your writing? Handed it in and…oops – an unexpected mark, due to some foolish mistakes only!

Let me give you a clear explanation on why it usually happens. I have had such a problem about couple times. It is all about patience and diligence. Once you have written your paper, do not hurry to turn it in. Just get away from it at least for a night. Go through it again in the morning with a fresh look. I assure, you will find some shortages you have not noticed before!

Trick your mind. In order to get a different perspective on what you have written, try to alter size, color or space. So that it seems like you are a totally different document. Sometimes it helps a lot if you ask your friend to read your paper. That person will look at it with completely fresh eyes. He/she will not accept the topic the way you did, which is good, because your teacher might not either. So, go ahead, give your work out on criticizing. Anyway, it is better to accept critique before getting a final mark.

Make sure your paper meets the requirements. Check if it has an appropriate introduction and conclusion. If needed, does it contain arguments, supported with evidences? Have you divided the paragraphs appropriately? Meaning, does each separate paragraph contain different information? Make sure you made a necessary transition between the paragraphs. Does you tone correspond to the one required (formal, informal, persuasive, etc.)?

Proofreading is a last and important stage. It is worthy of taking some pain to proofread. You will definitely not want to be caught with careless spelling or any kind of mistakes after a hard and undertaking work.

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